In Living Memory

In Memorium To 144b
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144b 144b: 144b:
So, you guys camming to my wake? Dammed libarry of Alexanderia. Can't find the card cataoulog. Are you or have you ever been, a menber in the Kiss Army ?
144b: 144Bells_Jingle: 144b:
It's the Rebecka Gayheart workout. You sweat while watching her. Hello ? Tom Brokaw? This is Barbra Walters. What are you wearing? Yeah, I want a quarter pounder, large fries & a lareg Dr. pepper. My son, this is a confessinoal. Oh. So, I don'tget a happy meal either?
144b: 144b: 144b:
Tim Burton's The Trial. How many books of green stamps it take to get that? Tell the trut. Is my but too saggey?
144b: 144b: 144b:
All he had to work with was a jug band & a zipfile of midis. This is so much better than cooking bacon nude. Ho Ho! It's me Stainy the wet sheet sprite!!
144b: 144b: 144b:
I villl have a happpy meal!! Hey, I'm on CT, ma! O~My baloney has a first name . It's o. s.c.a.r..~O
144b: 144b: 144b:
Yeah, I know. We suck. Get over it. Okay, fess up!! You used to be one of the Pips, didn'tcha?!?! O~Aye Aye Aye! AYE Staying alive Staying Alive! Everybody's shakin'. . . ~O
144b: 144b: 144b:
Looks like, Touched by an Angel has gone retro From the makers of Finding Nemo Crash the sea tuttle is TJ Hooker! Righteous!Righteous!!!

Can't you see? It's no longer about you and me and the doorknobs! It's a
nationwide crusade!

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