In Living Memory

In Memorium To 144b
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144b: 144b: 144b:
Fine reading, Kathy. Now, do you understand it, now? Uh, sure Mr. Pinttern.
But, the Kama Sutra is a real textbook?
STAY back Mindy! Those peppers are hot! Meanwhile, The Daliy Worker trys to scoop Grit as the nations least readweekly paper.
144b: 144b: 144b:
From the makers of Finding Nemo Crash the sea tuttle is TJ Hooker! Righteous!Righteous!!! I don't think Tiger Woods ever made a beach movie, do you? Snatch the ball from my hand, young grasshopper.
144b: 144b: 144b:
I told you to get some gas, did you listen to me? Nooooo!
Shut the f**k up!
And Davey Jones gets ready for his date with Mashia Brady. I'll pop that bird's cherry, mates?! George is a sadistic farmhand. He likes to stomp on baby chicks. He ain't been right since they took off Hee Haw.
144b: 144b: 144b:
But Judge? These gals told me they was 18, I swair!? And then smoking in bed, in the dark. Basking in the afterglow of having
good, hot 6.
Man, that'sa simple phone number to remember?
144b: 144b: 144b:
And then, they ate my pony. I'll tell you when I've has enough, beer monkey! Keep pouring! Alright, troops! We have big job to do tonight, It's a double header against the Mets. Ad you know what that means. A lot of you won't be coming back.
144b: 144b: 144b:
Mr. Claus? Are you now or have yu ever been a menber of the Communist party? Now, that's art! The townpeople gather for the 2:00 stoning.
144b: 144b: 144b:
Hey, where's the Beeman's chewing gum at? They stopped making it, Gramps. After all those deaths. Ah, the smell of Old Spice, Vitalis & flop sweat filled the gym as the prom stepped into high gear. PLOW! One of many onomatopoeias that never made it on the old Batman show during the fight sceens.

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