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In Memorium To 144b
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144b: 144b: 144b:
Prudence Goodwife: US Marshall
It's time to get the oil gaskets replaced on the Nash-Metropolitan.
the 1959 LaSalle has its own pedestrian "Cow Catcher".
144b: 144b: 144b:
Six months? Man, that's a very long lunch brake, Jameson? Uh.... they mixed up our orders? Oh, okay then.
He's at the 20, 15, 10, 5, TOUCHDOWN, Cranes!
Steve, it would never work out. You're a slushy drinker, and I'm an Icee drinker.
144b: 144b: 144b:
Mom always dressed us in yellow shorts. That way our weak bladders were less noticeable
Well, you see. I've been plotting the course of the whole planet though the study of prime numbers & bear lard.
Can you see behind me? That's my blindspot. Ha Ha!! Get it, blindspot? Ahh, what do you know 'bout being funny?
144b: 144b: 114b:
Baby, when you're a crossing guard, you never know when you're number's up.
Here's where I keep the ashes of my third husband. He was a cheap bastard.
Yes sir, I can't wait to get that ship into the bathtub with the misses.
144b: 144b: 144b:
Eat it all & you see the clown, Brenda.
This veichle movie for Danny Bonoduchi failed at the box office.
Let's se what kind of mischief Billie can get into at the china shop?
144b: 144b: 144b:
The Playmate Playoffs The whipped cream wrestling compitision
It was another good day. We dumped the body of Louie the Fink and caught 5 Trout
Me? I'm a horse protoligest.
144b: 144b: 144b:
Mr. Loomis to see you, sir? Yes, hs is wearing a dumbass ha
What's funny is most of these plants are in Mexico or overseases.
Aright, draw! No wait, I'm clay!

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