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In Memorium To 144b
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144b: 144b: 144b:
Are you sure this is foreplay?Uh, yeah, I did it a few times,hello?
Don't tell me to not bogart . Man, I bought the shit!
They got the house for a song. That's where
they found all those hatched up body parts
in the 8 bathrooms?

144b: 144b: 144b:
I guess this isn't a good time to menction that they
are making out over a fire ant mound?

Well now, Mr' Douglas. This here is the best lagoon
you can buy. I'm not buying this lagoon, Mr. Haney.
Why, this lagoon was used for that great motion pictuer,
Giget Get a Sunburn.

Feeh, all that did was put a sign up over a slum
in Brooklyn. They must think the tourist are realy
hicks? Or is that rubes?

144b: 144b: 144b:
This is what happen when the antiques
road show crew gose on a three day bender.

This is my wife, Trophyilia. Oh, a trophy wife, huh?
Keep working! Kathy Lee wills it so!
144b: 144b: 144b:
Each one of our hand made condoms are sewn to the precise measurements.
It's 50 pounds for one and 100 pounds sterling for the two of you blokes.
Keep looking kids. That gas pipe is 'round here somewhere. Mr. Lowe? Timmy's passed out. Good, it's close to Timmy, guys!
144b: 144b: 144b:
Welcome to, Suyrp R Us!
Yee. . Yee know whaz? I tink I'mmm drunked. HIC!
Yay!! I saved the princess!!
144b: 144b: 144b:
Edward R. Murrow says, "I smoke anything that has tobacco in it."
The riot started in the food court as the Chic-Fillet workers picked a fight with the workers at Seyswan's Stir-Fry.
For crying out loud, Gene. These Native Americans are worse than the ones on F Troop
144b: 144b: 144b:
I must find some way to stop Christmas from coming. But, how?
It's the album cover of Love Song of the 70's! 25 classic hits on one cd!
After a 14 hour shift at Wendy's. Steve can't break the fake smile of his face.

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