I originally titled this "Milkblowers" on the old scifi homestead website.

Enjoy, but keep a hanky nearby.

TurkeyVolGuessingMan : HenryBemis :

This is Dick Clark in Times Square and we are counting down to the Rockin' New Year's 2986 LIVE!"

oO (I'm his SISTER??!)

Belphegor : E_B_A :

"Tell Hjuagryipohgfos Gaeegetr Hjaoorhr Kloppaohuyewby, that I love her."

Wow. Is it tax time already?

RodRocket: nashbrutusandshort:

Austin Powers III: The Wrath of Mister Bigglesworth!

"Moving in next to the nerve gas factory is the best thing that ever happened to me."

: aaabbbccc: Ms_Creepygirl:

please tell me this isn't a picture of a guy standing at the urinal

"I am not an *suck* animal."

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