A note to Caption This! users

May 3, 1999

As most of you probably know, Sci Fi has decided not to renew Mystery Science Theater 3000 after this season. This has caused some concern among Caption This! users about its future on our site.

We would like to take this opportunity to reassure everyone that the cancellation of MST3K will not result in the end of Caption This! at SCIFI.COM. While we have chosen to "theme" Caption This! around MST3K because of the similarities between captioning and the "riffing" of Mike and the 'bots, its presence at SCIFI.COM is in no way connected to the presence of MST3K on Sci Fi. At such a time as MST3K is no longer part of the on-air schedule, Caption This! will be redesigned to remove MST3K-related elements (the name, the shadowrama silhouettes) but will remain here and otherwise unchanged.

Thanks for watching MST3K on Sci Fi and thanks for playing Caption This! on SCIFI.COM.