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oddball: Eskimo_Spy: Rex_Dart:

T-10 Seconds, all is clear for birth, ready or not, here I come mom!!

December 10, deep inside my closet, I can never find a thing to wear

Ok, I think I know were I went wrong...Never explore strange caves without a flashlight!!

Evil_Santa: Johnny_Longtorso: 2ndBanana:

Would you just look at all the coal I left inside Bill Gates Stocking!!

Just for added mystery, I added this scene of the inside the thumbhole of my bowling ball. I think it's called the David Lynch Method

Insert any song title, movie title, or actors name with the word "Black" in it here

WEIRD_1: Zzzzzz: GalFriday:

Donna knew that hidding inside the steemer trunk during the yearly hide-n-seek festival was risky, but why was she hearing fog horns??

Typical, the Sci-Fi Channel is keeping us in the dark again!!

Yep, here at Tech-co-inc-corp we treat out employees like mushrooms. We keep them in the dark and feed them compost

TwinPeaks: 40'sLady: BlackFace:

why can't I get the fire to walk with me?? WHY!! WHY!!

This reminds me of back when TV was new. What a time that was, what with our 3 channels and rabbit ears with aluminum foil, we still had better programs than this!

Ok, here's the plan. As soon as the trunk opens we make a break for the snack-bar

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