Capper Blog Information Page

UnReality is the kind of Capper That everyone should get to know.
He goes out of his way to give us a nice, fresh, chance to make with the captions
every single day.. That's right, EVERY STINKING DAY !!

So, I was only too happy to offer a home for the history of his Capper Blog, he was surprised, and I'm guessing just a little sleepy... Or, maybe I was the one sleeping
Your guess is as good as mine.

I don't think it's too much to ask Cappers to take time, just once every day, to honor
him with a few funny quips.

Below is the story as UnRealith told it to me...

The History of the Capper Blog

What can you say about Capper Blog that hasn't been said before?

Well, probably quite a lot -- volumes, in fact; vast libraries -- since practically nothing's ever been said on the subject before. With the exception of a brave and foolish few, I'm not even sure anyone knows it exists.

But -- and here's the thing -- it does exist (most of the time) and it's updated every day. Has been updated every day, almost without exception, since October of 2005. Sure, it's not one those "popular" caption sites, what with the real-time interaction, or the vast libraries of snark-worthy material, or the lavender-scented Shiatsu massages that come free with...oh, but I've said too much. Capper Blog's photos are "ripped from the headlines" (a la Law & Order), letting you poke fun at the universe, one daily news photo a day. There's no good reason for such a site to exist, except that sometimes you want the challenge of a single cappable image once a day.

That, and it's possibly part of some kind of shady tax dodge. You know, whichever.

It's set up like a regular blog -- only this time you'll actually *want* to read the comments. No registration is necessary. You can post with a Google account, with OpenID, with just a name or handle, or even anonymously. If none of the four photos on the main page tickle your fancy, another goofy news story is almost certainly less than 24 hours away.

Such a great Idea.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your finger clicking, and set your brain to funny, and take make a caption.. You know you wnat too !! Capper Blog

The Capper Blog is easy to use, and fat-free. As Capper Pope, I believe that we, as Cappers, are blessed to have a site like the Capper Blog

Thanks go out to UnReality for taking time out of his busy day to find, and post, photos for us to make our day just a little more funny. It is true that it is a different sort of venue, to post our funny little captions, but there are so many different sorts of Cappers, it's nice to have an option that offers this sort of feature.

Now.. Get your butt in Gear, and make a Caption today !!


Dan Green