GlitterRock Cap-Page Board Information Page

GlitterRock is one Capper running a "Caption Site" that I've actually met.
So, when I asked him if I could offer a home for the history of his Cap-Page Board, he leaped into action.

We shared laughs, drinks, and food at the Vegas Capfest.
I'm told he won't hold that against me, so in return, The Capper Pope will pass his history lesson on to the Capper Community, so here goes nothing

Below is the story as GlitterRock told it to me...

The History of the GlitterRock Cap-Page Board

Once upon a time (as all great stories must have a time whereby there is a once-uponing), there was a bright golden shining mcnugget of a website called Caption This!
It was a place where the best, the brightest, and the funniest across the globe could gather together and make some of the wittiest fart jokes ever made.

The people who congregated there were called ‘Cappers’ and every day they would go there and make fun of whatever the Sci Fi Channel would be posting at the time. More often than not "Lost In Space" or "Dark Shadows". Occasionally "The Flash", but not as occasionally as "Nightmare Café".
Anyway, it was a wonderful time and the Cappers grew into a wonderful community. And everything was wonderful.

Then one day the Sci Fi Channel - who, in a bold executive decision, decided to veer away from entertaining programming altogether - decided to shut down the Cappers’ little clubhouse altogether. Bastards.

But all wasn’t lost. Cappers such as Artanas, GersonK, and Jazzsoda stepped up to create their own places where the disenfranchised Cappers could go to make fun of pictures. And one night - some say in the throes of a fever - GlitterRock decided he wanted to get in on the ground floor of this act himself. He wanted to start his own capping place. So he went to GersonK for assistance in the programming aspect of it because you only steal learn from the best. GersonK had the patience of Job as this whippersnapper tried to wrap his stone-knives-and-bearskins’ mind around simple programming concepts.

Then one evening - some say in the throes of another fever - Glitter decided to forego any learning at all and take the quick and easy path. Instead of the normal ‘live’ capping formats of the other sites he opted to try something different. He devised a way to harness the raw elemental power of message boards in order to caption shows! So he set about trying to find a good group to work with and he finally settled on ezboard. He thought first of calling it “Glitter’s Back-Alley Cap Shoot” and then got fixated on “Glitter’s Cap Post Party.” In the end though he finally settled on “Glitter’s Cap-Page Board” (a lovely idea in and of itself, except he’d already registered ‘glitterscappostparty’ with ezboard; a URL that remains to this day). And on June 15 2002, the CPB finally rolled into operation.

The years that followed were hilarious ones. Not only did old-school Caption This! Cappers come over for the fun but countless new Cappers were spawned as well. And eventually it grew to the point where other Cappers began screengrabbing shows and submitting them to cap. And later on the regular TV and movies lynchpin of programming was expanded even further when comic books were added to the mix. Once the website made the jump from ezboard to Yuku its patrons went with it. And they say to this very day, in the dead of night, if you listen very carefully… you can hear a Capper there moaning out “Oh HELL no!”

And the adventure continues.

Now, as Capper Pope, I welcome anyone that takes time and effort to make a place for Cappers to go to vent there anger - Ummm, make captions. So, I suggest you spend time over at the GlitterDome

The GlitterDome has a disco feel, and as far as I can tell, it's the only part of the Disco Era that seems to be working. GlitterRock offers Capping of all sorts of material - Graphic Novels, Sears Catalogs, Porn, postage-stamps, you name it. So, no matter how you like your Capping, The GlitterDome has it - Don't just take my word for it - try it you'll like it

Thanks go out to GlitterRock for giving birth to another, different sort of venue, to post our funny little captions. There are so many different sorts of Cappers, it's nice to have an option that offers this sort of feature.
I look forward to seeing you there!


Dan Green
AKA: weirdonedotcom
AKA: Nobody's Favorite Capper