Old School Cappers, Page 1
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Coakley: D_Idaho: DMMS:

Cast? Uh, I think they should put down false names.

"....wait? I'm supposed to say that? Who writes this crap?"

Ahem.If You Want My Body And Ya Think I'm Sexy,C'mon,Leonard,Let Me Know.

MirandaRamsey: JoeCrow: Dibbley:

"My tie's subtler than your tie."

The Office Supply Room at the Post Office is well stocked

HotPockets choreographer, Mikey Firestein.

Geier: darkvortex: JorgGirrl:

"Dirty Sightings Talk, only 65 cents a minute! Tell Timmy what YOU'D like to make a 'Sighting' of, and..."

The only woman intern not sexually harassed by Clinton

Jabba the Hurl.

loodvig: JustinThyme: CaveDweller:

Great cinematography.

"...I'm a lumberjack and I'm OK...."

"I WET 'EM!!!!!!!!!!!"

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