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DiggerSmolken: 144b: eraserhead:
"I don't like Nambla's new ad campaign.."
Aright, draw! No wait, I'm clay!
Hey kids lets play with Michael Jackson's "Jesus" skull
JurassicPork: joe678: MSTzilla:
/~/ The hills are aliiiiive / With the screams of skuuuuulls /~/
o/' "Walkin' to New Orleans..." o/'
"You know, I fully expect you to frollic nude through these's a country thing."

YibbleGuy:: shanky: CindyM:
o O "If I can't have sex with teenage boys anymore, at least I can marry a woman who *looks* like one."

"This is a model of how our happy our lives used to be."
Torgo? Oh Torgo, sweetie...I think Pearl's looking for you!

RodRocket: BlakHat1: KIPPAGE:
"Bye, Mike! Bye, Tom, Bye, Crow! It's been fun!"
Little KIDS bein paid to push medicine on their grandpappies? What is the world COMING too?

Before Purple Haze there was Windowpane.....

SunSinner: MadSigntist: animebabe:
This grab is a total pane to cap.
Soft absorbent terrycloth....ideal for sweaty Boo Radley.
and..... doting husband time over. Time for hookers and whiskey... don't wait up!"

GlitterRock:: porpoise: Agent_Moldy:
"Hi. I was touched by a Moldy...."
You're next, Baby.
"Is she prettier than me?
RodRocket: GizM: SunSinner:
o/`"We'll meet again, don't know where, don't know when, but I know we'll meet again some sunny day!"o/`
"Hey guys, it's a vast wasteland." "No, Mike, it's the Sci-Fi Channel." "Ahh."
"I want Pringles!"
shanky: Generik: joe678:
"They're after me!"
o/` ...And it seems to me, you lived your life, like a candle on the the end table... o/`
Ya know, she shouldn't wear sucha revealing nightie. She might scare little kids.
Indika: flavio: robofreak:
o/ This is not my beautiful house. This is not my beautiful wife. How did I get here?? o/

"Did you actually put your tongue in Whoopi's mouth, Ted?"

Ah, the gripping "Door Sequesnce". Watch closely, one will shut.
chebwa: TheDiva: YibbleGuy:
"You wanna go walkies! Yes you do, you like the walkies, don't you, yes!"

The Private Life of Rod Serling
"Don't take it so hard, Mary. I know it seems impossible right now ... but a little Lime-Away will clear that soap scum *right* up."

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