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Batqueen: MadSigntist: WookieeMonster:
"There's absolutely nothing wrong with having sex in the confessional. Now, don't tell anyone."

"No, my son. I don't think Formula 409 will remove that quantity of blood. I will pray for you, however."
" me set up this Choirboy-Trap (tm) before little Timmy gets here. Ah, Timmy...yum."

meQal: JurassicPork: okiedokey:
that's one long ass red light.
"Hey, Linda Hunt. Have you seen my wife?"

Which one of these is not like the other
TurkeyVolGuessingMan: nastinkers: robofreak:
Frank Gehry's Weber Grill
You see, your wife is being haunted because she is a sinner
"That's no ordinary veranda dear. I hear there's Disco Fever rampant over there."

Forkgirl: porpoise: Dante83:
"No, she's not my daughter! She's my cousin!
This Xray shows you have pneumonia, gas, and demons from hell.
They're recreating their favorite 'Schoolhouse Rock' episode. It's not really the same.

GlitterRock: bluegem: gleeb:
Does that say "CANCELLED" behind there? Oh, are you trying to be funny now, SFC???
...Arizona in a thong

You know, the Park Service needs to rethink their new PR campaign.
KaneRobot: Goreomedy: YibbleGuy::
Nice try, Sabretooth. But I'm a long way from dead, bub *snikt*
"Sorry dear, but I've got to let a few inmates out early for good behavoir." ::Fpppbbbtttttttt::
"Honey ... you ... me ... the evening ... the firelight ... it's a *perfect* time for you to give me a blowjob."

:robofreak Indika: gleeb:
"A little too much starch in Klan costume Joe Bob?"

oO( I saw that Sleestak go back here...)
I'm sure she won't mind my borrowing a ball bearing...
JurassicPork: bluegem: CindyM:
Tomb of the Unknown White Supremacist.

stop smiling at me!
"Damn you, lighting tech, damn you all to HELL!"
robofreak: Agent_Moldy: MrTim:
"As God as my witness, i'll never go to Hungary again!"
I grimace in your general direction!"
Special Forces Elf waits in the woods to assassinate a Sci Fi exec.
WEIRD_1: butteredtoast: Indomitus:
and as a part time job, I make football picks on the Bob and Tom show

Well, time for the grand finale Railing Kill... if we could have the Sci Fi execs over here, please

Look, it's bad enough that you melted the witch. Do you really have to "scoot" all over her carcas?

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