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MadSigntist:: eraserhead: Meldrick:
"No, honey, there is no horsehead in here....I just had an....accident."
"look at me I'm Sandra Deee"
"Dammit, bad enough he attached the head to me, but backwards?
RodRocket: Amon: MSTzilla:
Millie and Jerry Helper, New Rochelle's hottest couple.
You'd think this would be awkward for them, but being cojoined twins this way isn't so bad. No one can sneak up on them...
"Is that a 'Vibra-Master 3000' in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?"

UnReality: flavio: GizM:
"Floss, dammit, floss!"
"You got some schmertz"

"You know where Dr. Erhardt is? Tell me, tell me!"

BlakHat1: SunSinner: gleeb:
"Oh C'mon, it's just a puppet show! Here, lemme draw a SMILE on your face with magic marker!"
"Why do you want to hurt them? What have they ever done to you?" Apart from saying Boo1, that is.

Lhasa Apsos, a scifi expose!

GlitterRock: RodRocket: CindyM:
Is that the prequel to "The Brood?"
shouldn't that be SCATURDAY?
Hey! "Capper" is finally recognized as a Brand New Breed o' People!! Wonder if we get voting rights??

chebwa: Indomitus: MadSigntist:
Rye. Wheat. Honey Oat. They're back, and they're toast. Wait, the *breed*?

The breed is een the coopbaard, and eet's geeting kinda staale.
Unfortunately, there can be only one.
JurassicPork: CindyM: Humoriste:
See them, Timmy. They're cappers and they suck." "Yeah, yeah..."
"See, Billy? You can *just* make out the moon over there in the daytime!" "Whatever. I have ice cream."
See that cloud, Billy? That's my cloud. I'm going to go there one day . . .

SunSinner: Humoriste: GlitterRock:
"See? Right there? How she can get both tassles to swing in two directions?" "Grampa, I don't like Shakespeare in the Park."
And archaeologists all over the world utter two words in sublime glee - "pot shards!!!!!!!"

"Now right up there, Timmy, it used to say 'Mystery Science Theater 3000 Presents.' That was when the Cappers *USED* to come by here..." (hi Cap!)

shanky: BlakHat1: Snard:
"Why does he taste like Tom Servo?"

"Initiate Vulcan mind meld.... NOW!"
eraserhead: Amon: YibbleGuy:
I can't believe I am making out with my own shadow!
For some reason, this reminds me of the scene where Nelson and Lisa kissed on the Simpsons.
Cinematography note: If the woman in the bedroom scene looks like a salt vampire, you need to move a few lights around.

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