Inventing Situations Caption Gallery, Page 14 -- March, 2004
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GersonK: tinaw: TyranosaurisRex:
[We apologize for the technical glitch. Please try to cap the images on the film. Thanks.]
Before Tattoine ran out of vegetation, the barges were used for collecting wood.
How come there's two Titanics?
Racerex: Mystic_Cobra_6: Steve_Reeves:
This is why crackheads should NEVER throw tea parties
"See, Martha.....we can come here...back the car in there, turn off the lights.....and nobody will see us playing monoploy!"
"Dear Penthouse Letters, let me tell you abot me and my hamster."
Kitty: MrAtomik: ABServo:
F-16's for flea larva
Birth of a Ballerina
Linda Ronstadt auditions, take two!
misshapenhead: MilkboxLarry: misshapenhead:
These kind of images give Ready Kilowatt a turgid priapis
Next on "Monster House", hot build your own propane powered outhouse...
Ok who wants to make 50 to mow the dirt?
WaffleKing: GizM: Eskimo_Spy:
You know, I can see a positive aspect to this whole terrorist thing. Before, I couldn't ever convince an airport employee to frisk me down before getting on the flight
"Yes, I like scary movies. And vaguely erotic cooking shows. Why do you ask? Hello? Um, hello?"
Well, I'm wearing a cute little see-through baby-doll nighty from Fredrick's of Hollywood, It's red with the matching garter belt..and you?
Kota: MrDrunkomik: Moatas:
There you have it, proof positive that wild bears DO, in fact, sh*t in the woods. (AND... the Pope IS Catholic, and Bill Clinton DID have sex with that woman!)
Its the Tiki god of shaving cream from Outer Space of the FUTURE!
used to harvest ice in the winter, but by summertime, my profits had melted away
Eggplant:: MysteryCapper3000: Moatas:
Don't you wish your Bathroom tiles were this Clean?
Harry Brighton's "Books for Blacklight Reading" were very unpopular, so if you own one it could be worth lots of money today
When Marrying more than one woman gets out of control' next on FX

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