Inventing Situations Caption Gallery, Page 15 -- July. 2004
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Kristen: carbonbased: Beckett:
I love you, Sally, but we only have 14 hours to save the earth! I knew this would happen if the Surgeon General was put in charge of masturbation. .oO( And I thought it was going to suck being thrown into a backwoods jail cell with a bunch of toothless homos!)Oo.
Zonk: shanky: otrfan:
This is the part where Lex Luthor explains his evil plot to nuke the San Andreas Fault... "Pope John Paul II , Father Guido Sarducci , Reverend Lovejoy and Pope Weird the 1st."
Sorry Kathy, seven kids on one swing would just look silly.
stareater: tinaw: Eskimo_Spy:
Welcome to the Countdown Channel
Jack Bauer's house?
Jack Bauer lives here
Agent_Moldy: Dirigo: Agent_Moldy:
Meanwhile, at Kiefer Sutherland's house...
Their all here to get WEIRD'S MEMOIRS.
"Tastes great!" "Less filling!" "Oprah, Uma"...
Hinermad: rickubis: Agent_Moldy:
"Less filling!" "Tastes great!"
Yeah, I bagged that trophy behind me before some idiot passed a law against shooting aboriginal people for sport. It's still ok if you eat what you shoot, though.
It's over.
rickubis: rickubis: WEIRD_1:
It's not over until the *fat* lady sings. The damned UGLY lady can sing all damn night.
Help me, please! She's too horny for me to handle!
<sing>~You can take Salem out of the country, but you can't take the country out of Salem...~
Moatas: Moatas: Moatas:
How Paula Jones described how Bill Clinton's penis looks like
Attack of the minitures' next on Sci-Fi
Later on the campaign trail, John Kerry is up-staged by a '62 Rambler

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