Inventing Situations Caption Gallery, Page 16 -- July, 2004
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UnReality: DrFysh: amycamus:
"I specifically asked for my eggs Florentine!"
Wow, dual horsepower!
"Sorry, son, but we got mandatory castration of sex offenders in this here town. Giddy-up!"
da_upstart: sny: DrFysh:
Now let's get outta.... aw fuck, we ate the horse!" "Wha?" "The horse! We was so damn hungry we cooked and ate his ass w/out realizin it!" "..... shit."
Hey Ben, is there some space in your bedroll for me?
Great camerawork here, good presentation of neck-fat
UnReality: tinaw: DrFysh:
You joke, but Bonanza won the Best Neck-Fat Presentation Emmy five years in a row
"Watch me do my Matrix move! Watch! C'mon! Watch me!"
Crouching Cowboy, Drunken Dragon
Mr_Grant: 144b: 144b:
Marcel Marceau, in "Oklahoma"-- o/ Oklahoma, walking against the wind sweeping down the plain.o/
Me? I'm a horse protoligest.
Mr. Loomis to see you, sir? Yes, hs is wearing a dumbass hat.
cambria36: Drake_Tungsten:: mikerafone:
'll be gone about an hour to a luncheon at the "Goofy Hats" club.
I strongly recommend declining the valet parking service at Chez LaSalle's Motorcoach Diner.

"Fred, you're developing breasts! What gives?" / "I just wanna be all that I can be... in the army"
mikerafone: ed_209:
Operation Human Shield my ass!"
I hate it when they pretend to look at themselves, but it's really the camera, or how people sit around a table in a half-circle towards the camera

Hot Damn, it's Tweet. Everybody get the popcorn...
da_upstart: tinaw: tinaw:
"Ms. Carmen SanDiego?" "Yes." "FBI. We're placing you under arrest for not letting anyone know where in the world you were..."
"Why the hell did you name your son 'Chairman', Kaga-san?"
Let your body move with the music, hey, hey HEY! C'mon, Vogue!"

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