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Buffoon: Agent_Moldy: Buffoon:
"Well, that sounds like fun, but where are we gonna find..." "A rabbi, two goats and a five-pound box of Velveeta? Moldy sent 'em to me for Christmas!"
Never has the screen come alive with so much action as it is doing, right now.
"Look, it's just a Bush/Cheney button. It's no big deal." "NO BIG DEAL??? Do you REALIZE what would happen if Generik or Buffoon saw you wearing that?" "I.... I'm sorry. I didn't think."
MysteryCapper3000: Iron_Capper: MirandaRamsey:
MysteryCapper3000 here with some words of advice... Never Refresh a screengrab.. It makes you caption the really bad grabs.. Like this one
Area 51 is just a decoy... Area Atlantis is where the real UFO's are

l. to r.: Tony Curtis, Henny Youngman, Jimmy Durante
anti-hero: MirandaRamsey: shanky:
This city, has to be breaking fire code...
An arty close-up of the front yard of a trailer in Northern Vermont.
Where's the Scream-apillar?"
Eskimo_Spy: MirandaRamsey: shanky:
How cute. Not many people bother to do landscaping around landmines.
The Vagina Monologues makes it's way to a Malasian rice field. It gets them all killed, but still...
"The Vagina Monologues? Talking vaginas? Now I've heard EVERYTHING!"
shanky: shanky: Datazoid1701:
"Do you know what the Easter Bunny street value of this is?"
"I don't know , Bobby. Do you think we can afford all this cocaine?" "Sure , Whitney! "Just get yo' ass back in the studio."
Are you SURE this is where you left your purse?
WEIRD_1: McFrenzy: windsong27:
Keep Out sign not valid in Washington, Maine, Ohio, and Wisconsin... Check your local store for offers To Washington, Maine, Ohio and Wisconsin, they ain't got no Keep Out signs. Taste the two new zesty flavors of bagels at the Baltimore Bagel Company.
windsong27: Moatas: rickubis:
That's it lady, go ahead & laugh. I'd be interested to see how many limbs you'd lose if you had sailed the 7 seas for as long as I had!
"Thank you, citizen. Yes, I do have 'back'."
"It's a vase!" "It's a face." "It's the state of Iowa."

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