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This Super-Cyber-Band Is Taking On A Life All Its Own

So I Thought I Should Answer Some F.A.Q.'s

Question: Can I Join Even If I have No Talent?
Answer: Yes, I have No Talent And I'm In It.

Question: I See That The Band Has A (Fill In The Blank) As A Member, Can I Be One Also?
Answer: Yes, I Don't Care If We Have 10,000 Folks Who Hum

Question: If I Have Several Handles Can I Sign Them All Up?
Answer: Yep, Just Ask

Question: How Can I Join The Band?
Answer: Just E-Me Here

Members So Far

weirdone(WEIRD_1) -- drums
fuquad -- guitar/male stripper
JXIV -- song writer
CaveDweller -- lead guitar
MadamRazz -- singer
Kit -- singer
Cari -- singer & sax
Buckfifty -- manager
ManiacClutch -- slamdancer
GypsyRose -- groupie
SunSinner -- Legal representation/go-go dancer/groupie
MadSigntist -- producer
Flanker -- trumpet
LizardQueen -- bass guitar
Scypha -- kazoo/mouth organ/touchtone phone/background singer
JoeCrow -- sousaphone/glockenspiel/kazoo
E_B_A -- D.J./sound mixer
Agent Q -- Sampling/Ranting into Microphone/Riot Master/Firing Random Shots into air over crowd
Dibbley -- Arm Pit Sounds (Electric Raspberry)/Foley Artist
DarkVortex -- Pan Flute/Breast Inspector
Agent_Moldy -- Stage Diving/Fingernail Rapping/Caterwauling
Leia Organa -- WineGlass Player/Washboard/Moonshine Jug
J_Hawk -- Bongo Drums
DiggerSmolken -- Backwards Masking Supervisor
LiannaSky9 -- Scarf Tosser/Dancer, Song Writer
Lord Krijon -- Guitar, Keyboard, Pyrotechnics Engineer
CindyM -- Clarinet, Singer, And Triangle
JAUSTRALIS -- Grease Paint Face Painter, Resident Whistle Blower Extrordinare!
meQal -- songwriter and personal bootleg wiskey distillery owner/ burpper of the Alphabet
UpSky2 -- Last Man Standing & Understudy Moopsball Stick Percussionist