Love Stinks

I Went To This Wedding. Now, I Don't Know About Where You Live, But In Wisconsin, We Have This Deal During The Reception Dinner Where We Take A Piece Of Silverware And Cling The Coffee up, And Keep Clinging Untill The Newlyweds Stand And Share A Kiss.

Clever Couples Will Offer A Change Of Pace, Where The Groom Will Kiss The Mother Of The Bride, The Best Man Will Kiss All The Bridsmaids, The Flowergirl Will Kiss The Priest. Well, You Get The Idea.

Now, I Will Be The First To Admit That This A Bit Sappy, But I Think It Is Fun To See The Wedding Party Figure Out Who's Turn It Is To Kiss. But The Wedding I Went To Offered A Bit Of A Twist. Instead Of Kissing When We Made Noise With The Coffee Cup, The Bride Asked That We Sing A Song With The Word "Love" In It.

Now, Most Of The People At The Wedding Sang Cute Songs Like The Theme From "Love Boat", Or That Song That Stupid Purple Dinosaur Sings. I, Being The Natural Trouble Maker I Am, Stood Up And Sang, "Rock The Cradle Of Love". My Daughter, Not To Be Outdone, Sang "Love Stinks".

I Think That This Is A Very Bad Idea, Making Your Wedding Guests Sing For A View Of A Kiss So I'm Making A List Of "Anti-Love, Love Songs". If Enough Of Us Sing These Songs, We Can Kill This Trend Before I Have To Sing To Get Waited On At Mc Donalds.

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The List

Rock The Cradle Of Love
Love Stinks
Tainted Love
Love The One You're With
I Love Rock And Roll
Love Bites
I Used To Love Her, But I Had To Kill Her
Paradise By The Dashboard Lights
You Give Love A Bad Name
Your Love Is Like Bad Medicine
I Don't Want Your Love
Ball And Chain
Love In An Elevator
I Hate Myself For Loving You
You Don't Love Me Anymore
Take Your Love And Shove It
I'm Tired (Madeline Kahn From Blazing Saddles)
Love Gun
Love Without Anger
Love To Love You Baby
Hard To Explain
I Love L.A.
Boogie Woogie Amputee
Cemetary Girls
Don't Touch Me There
The Love Cats
Love Rears Its Ugly Head
Love To Hate You
Miss Freelove 69
Love Will Tear Us Apart
I Think I'm Paranoid
It's Oh So Quiet
Love of My Life

So That's The Short List
Find The Words, And Take The List With You
And Be Sure To Sing Off Key
This Has Been A Public Service Of