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Scypha: TheHitman: Piranha007:

Goddess Althena tries to escape Ghaleon's clutches, but is stopped by a wall. OUCH!!

Damn! And all my jelly doughnuts are in that bag!

"Saanctuary, saanctuary!!
<--A lot better animated Humpback of Notre Dame..

Katone: Katone: Anthrax:

Run for your lives! It's evil Ross Perot clones come to destroy us!

"Yeah, this is pretty warm. Thanks for asking."

Hey Mario, your toilet's backed up again!

Vermin_Boy: WEIRD1: Anthrax:

Disney-sawa's Robin Hood!

Snow White and the Mushroom kingdom, next on Fox..

Ebonics in Arthurian Legend

ArsenalXIII: TheHitman: mst3kluvr:

Walt Diseny Land soon took a dark turn.

Something watches on, and they don't look like Keebler Elves!

"what? my eye is on fire?
I don't believe you"

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