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QueBall: JohnSteed: threeamigos:

"Please, Dear God.... give me hair!"

About a thousand underlying and overlying issues on my past present and future and how they interrelate with each other. You?

I think you just answered your own question...

Emperor_Khaless: Yazzin: LintCatcher:

The official supplier of the "Men in Black." But you didn't here that from us.

*cue Celtic music* "Frosted Lucky Charms..."

This is the path to the out house, watch your step at night

screaming_fist: 1600: RatRunner:

How Green Is My Suicide Spot.

"Pass me the spare ribs, and the cake, the pie, also. Are you gonna eat that London Broil?"

Welcome to Smackdown, tonight it's the ultimate Match, Satin has all ready entered the ring, and here he comes now: 5 Time Champ; Jesus Christ, Superstar

SpiffyGuy: Geier: Lanzman:

Well, sometimes it's hard to get a-head in this world...

Obviously, they failed to satisfy Dana's request to be seated in the No Toking Section.

I sense the spirit of Liberace moving about the room . . .

ebayBOY: HenryBemis: CAPPER_50:

This episode of "The Bugaloo's" is being lit by Sparky the Firefly

She was a viola, he a trombone. Did he have the brass to pull off a intersectional romance, or was she just stringing him along?

I agree, that is a nasty rash, I'd use a topical ointment, and lots of it

Vaya: cyoungdahl: fxmldr74:

I'm not possessed, I just always look like this

Suddenly the Hindenburg came into view...

I am king of the gaylords. And who might you be?

screaming_fist: Andy1251: Halfpipe7:

Welcome to Tinder Estates

This must be MASH: The Midieval Years.

The Natives are restless. So they play a game of cowboys and indians duck duck goose

Halfpipe7: CaveDweller: Enapov:


"Mission: Impossible" meets "Laugh In"! I DON'T want to see Peter Graves in a go-go dancer outfit!

a meeting of the middle-earth campfire girls...

SpaceToast: propdude40: Vendebar:

"We don't like you damn Oregonians askin' for some kinda coffee that takes three minutes to say. Get outta here before I whip yer latte, permanent-like."

The next season of MST3K

"...and so, Zur and the Kodan Alliance defeated Big-Bad-Wolf and recieved Betty Beluga as a reward".

Enapov: UnReality: Nereus:

I gotta stop doing coffee and sleeping pills!

"Now in new 'Eviscerated Cow' scent -- for those raindy days you can't make it to the slaughterhouse..."

High society party turns to mayhem tonight, on "When Tribbles ATTACK!"

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