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anti_hero: Lanzman: rickubis:

Mousetrap derby racing on TNN!

" . . . damn cheap-ass Chernobyl mushrooms . . . "

I think it's in here. Dammit. I hate it when my nose runs. It's a bitch to catch.

Valvolene: Sanagi: thesilentchild:

My quest is over! I have found the Golden Remote of Krull!

Common side effects include nausea, vomiting, bloody urine, runny nose, cramps, and death.

I'm lost. Could anyone tell me how to get to Semsame street?

Action_Hero_Dan: Sanagi: nashtbrutusandshort:

I think headquarters just gave us the big bird!

Tonight on Caught on Video: Meddlesome temp workers at Gizmonics Institute.

"You were way better than that cyborg from the future I did it with once. Honest."

screaming_fist: flavio: Enapov:

The world applauded when Kathy Lee reached escape velocity

Hey Moon, bite my Florida!

Ooops forgot to have Darth turn off that pesky death star again!

Soozcat: amycamus: psychomorph:

Ampersands! They slice, they dice, they make great julienne fries!

o/~"We are the flat earth! We are the children! We are the ones who'll make a brighter day so let's start giving!"

o/` Julie Julie ya love me...Julie Julie Julie do ya care...? o/`

Raven_Poe: amycamus: FlippySloth:

Don't drink the punch, I think Jim Jones spiked it with something.

"Thank you for using Microsoft/Time-Warner's/AOL/Chevron Internet Explorer 14.0. Please wait while we scan for a criminal record."

And then the giant caterpillar from the planet Hironthorat came and destoyed all the innocent villagers until there was nothing left but a white background

GameBoy: UnReality: IMissMST3K:

Full contact nude body bingo, next on family game night..Just another great idea I had

"I'm a leper, he's a leper--wouldn't you like to be a leper, too?"

~Tiptoe, to the outhouse, forgot Immodium, now I can't hold it in, so run now, to the outhouse, with me~

FortHoward: porpoise: Enapov:

have someone tie you up and toss you in a pulp vat for a couple days and see how you look

o/~"A corpse is a corpse, of course, of course. The a-ma-zing- Mr.- Dead"~/o

Sir, your going to have to have a feeding tube stuffed up directly into your intestines...Your esphagus is clogged with turkey fat!

Soozcat: TheDiva: saraphin:

"Hi, I'm Bob Vila. This week on This Demonically Possessed House, choosing the right contractors, plumbers and exorcists."

Hey, if he loses a few pounds he could get into modeling.

"And now, we return you to our feature "Forrest Hump" already in progress..."

Lanzman: Lanzman: CindyM:

Irving found that being a parking valet was tough. Especially since he worked in a toll both on the interstate.

" . . . and with just a few simple spices, your placenta can feed six people!"

~/o "Now face North..." ~/o

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