Who And Or What Is I Capper?

A Capper Is A Person That Lives, Loves, and Shares The Act Of Providing Captions To Photos. Comics, TV, Or Movies.

Capping Is The Art And Science Of Providing Smart and/or Funny Captions For Otherwise Bland Photos, Comics, TV, Or Other Entertainment Offerings.

(Sing, To The Tune Of The Dr. Pepper Song)~

I'm A Capper, She's A Capper, He's A Capper, Wouldn't You Like To Be A Capper Too?~

Alternate handles: WEIRD1, weirdone, and at the Glitterdome, I'm weirdonedotcom
Capper WIKI:

Website's Name: WEIRD_1's Caption Vault

Gender: Male

Age: I used to change Methuselah's diapers

Home: Evansville, IN

The Scoop:
I like scoops of mashed potato's along with large scoops of Ice Cream. I moved to Evansville, IN in 2002 after spending 25 years in Green Bay, WI (see you local cheesehead vendor). I have been married to my high school sweet heart since 1975 (you do the math). I have one daughter and two grand daughters.

The Poop:
I have been a "capper" all my life, even before I knew what a capper was, I would talk back, or make funny comments about everything from church to school to music. (can her milk shake really bring ALL the boys to the yard... evan the gay ones?) I can make anything be about sex, even my sock drawer. That's right, I'm the dirty old man your mom warned you about, but Ying-Yang is still better at it than I am.

Been capping since: 1996

My plans for world domination include:
Kill all the men and then have all the woman worship me. Now I can only find 967,000 things wrong with my plan.. how many can you find?

Favorite Venues: Caption This, Inventing Situations, Glitter's Cap-Page Board, Hipsoda's Caption Crack, and any caption place I can find

Favorite stuff to cap: Anything

I cap: Whenever I can find the time

We're gonna Shat with a wide assortment of toys, lotions, restraints, power tools and farming implements.

My guiltiest guilty pleasure: caramel

If I could have just one wish, I would wish for:
Heather Locklear as my wife

One truly memorable experience:
GypsyRose ripping both Star Trek and me at the same pace. I never laughed so hard.... I wonder what ever happened to GypsyRose, Hamdingr, JXIV, and tons of other very funny cappers

Why Not?