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rickubis: CommanderBreetai: Eskimo_spy:

You, sir, are the first person to notice my trained duck, Otis, doing a bill stand on the second bottle from the left on the top row.

Now the flavor of Extra Classic Bubble Gum lasts longer than ever and ever and ever and ever........

We're into day 3 of our stand in place telethon for MD, If you want to see me move, phone in your pledge now

Evil_Santa: Enigmerry_Christmas: TreeRat:

Sure, I have to wear this skimpy outfit, but the tips are GREAT!

"That's right. This line of shampoo will make your hair so light and fluffy, it'll actually sprout wings!"

Lady, Do you think you can stop telling me your life story, and get me that beer now?

Eskimo_Spy: BubTheDonor: amycamus:

So, I have a date later, does this dress make me look easy?

She's the Parker Posey of bartenders

"BAM! Kick it up!'t work as well for me, does it?"

2ndBanana: BubTheDonor: BubTheDonor:

(sing)~Bartender, the Slutty Reindeer, had a very Slutty dress, and if you ever saw it, you would even say it was trashy...~

The Motels are back with their new cd and video, Batty about Booze -- on Capitol Records and Tapes.

Next up -- Ivy of The Cramps meets the lead singer of Flock of Seagulls in a bar later to be named Spago. When Behind The Music continues...

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