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In Memorium To Shandi
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Shandi: Shandi: Shandi:
*"Need a Hand with that?" "No thanks, already on top of it.."
Unfortunately, after the horrible accident at the Tattoo parlor, these two posed for the camera while attending some art show -- and a rich lady promptly bid on and won the hands for $4,000 each! <left guy> Which lady do you want to help?
<right guy> You take the blond, I'll take the one in the turban!

Shandi: Shandi: Shandi:
Here's one of the finalists for the "Rocket X-9" Olympic team; unfortunately, he didn't make it. The fuel cell (the sports bottle strapped to his back) chose that moment to implode. He's now a black hole over New Jersey. My guess is, since he's checking the filter and he's got the lighter and cigarettes strapped to the side, that this is going to be a Smoking Gun.

Now, for your viewing pleasure, the worlds first Koolaid Distillery -- to make your very own Koolaid Wine!

Shandi: Shandi: Shandi:

Thousands of Praying Moonies fall victim to the Reverend's latest shrek; get it in the end. Film at eleven.

And now the Coppertone Dogsled Competition gets underway and -- oh look, a surprise!

Push the Button, Frank!
Shandi: Shandi: Shandi:
The origins of the "Joe Don Baker" Cult: Practicing Overheating Dinner and Blowing Up the Compound Day.

"Mike Tyson's Fried Ears - so finger-lickin'-good that they knock you on your A-hh, out!"

Here's a tree that lives in daily mortal terror of the coming of "The Day of Bobbitectomy."

Shandi: Shandi: Shandi:
The NEW Stepford Stewardess school is now open, featuring such techniques as Constant Cheer Throughout Turbulence, Coping Cheerfully with Crying Kids, and Tactfully Turning a Pass into a 3-day Weekend with Bozo. "(whispers) Wow, Looks like Mack the Knife really knew what he was talking about --(yelling) Er, Mr. Knife? We'll have you out of there in a jiffy..."

The new Low-Cal, Low-Fat cheese slice made with Olestra(tm): may cause uncontrollable sneezing and bitter beer face when ingested.

Shandi: Shandi: Shandi:
And just as Joe was getting the Spirit, he slipped -- and ended up as a tape on America's Funniest home videos, winning his best friend $3000 and ruining their friendship. His best friend didn't seem to mind, though.

After the Captain burned the kid's house, broke his arm and gave him a percentage of the latest movie cash, they both agreed to part company -- after he signed the agreement on the kid's cast, of course.

Warped Faerie Tales: Danny Elfman on his Wedding Night *shudders*

Shandi: Shandi: Shandi:
Ok, what *I* want to know is, if they're trying to break a record for pole sitting, *how did they get the ice cream cones up there?!*

Santa hits the skids in "When Elves Attack" on "Sick Sad World!" Next!

A show that requires me to THINK? Can I *do* that? "Honey, do I have any brain cells around? There's this show on that's making me try to THINK!"

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