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In Memorium To Shandi
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Shandi: Shandi: Shandi:
(voiceover) Though it was popular for nose bobs in England, the "Nose Bra" never really caught on internationally.
Is it live, Memorex, or HDTV?! "Sir, I do insist that you give me your car keys - you can't drink and drive too!"

Shandi: Shandi: Shandi:
"I got the Idea from screening Terri Gilliam's BRAZIL about 30 times in 48 hours, with no sleep -- how does it look?" I don't think that this qualifies you to be STRAW men, Gen..... You'd all fail the Scarecrow tests immediately.

"Fantasy Baseball Camp" really takes on a WHOLE NEW MEANING here...*shudders*

Shandi: Shandi: Shandi:

"Can I have spam, spam, spam spam, baked beans, spam, spam spam and spam?"
"No - the baked beans are off!"
"Ok, can I have spam in place of the baked beans then?"

"I now knight you Earl of Dunderhead, Knight of Idiocy and Duke of ... errr, what was that last title again?"

"Oh come on baby, pull my trigger -- you know you want to!! Did you like it, was it good for you too?"
Shandi: Shandi: Shandi:
"Hey, I've got a great job, I work with a great bunch of guys and we're always playing practical jokes on each other. But I know that it will grow back, right guys? *laughs nervously* Guys?!"

Quick, somebody perform the Hiney-Lick Maneuver on this poor soul!

Is this chili HOT, or is it just me?

Shandi: Shandi: Shandi:
They're running because they discovered they were wearing the same shoes to Saturday's Party!
(kid)"What are we wearing? Well, mom's got her white hooker dress on with no underwear and Uncle Bob here is sporting the fashionably out of date sport look - what? Dad's in the Slammer, why?"

"You just *know* that, after a few beers, this will start to look *GOOD*"

Shandi: Shandi: Shandi:
At least they seem to have their heads on straight...

And right on time comes "Marching Band lady," our local street resident - you can practically set your clock by her marching down the street - and people take bets every day to see when her top will fall off...

Oooooh, Manu Pluton has *really* let himself go!

Shandi: Shandi: Shandi:
Mr. and Mrs. Smith had been to some therapy for their sex life and were told that an active fantasy would help stimulate their sex life a bit. I don't think they understood quite what "active fantasy" meant, though...

Ok, the Post-Apocalyptic Fashion Police all *KNOW* that red shoes do not go with a crinoline skirt!

"It's Shake & Bake Monster Mash - and I helped!"

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