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Shandi: Shandi: Shandi:
How Tom Baker eats a Reeses.
I'd hate to see what being ridden out on a rail would look like, after being given the boot....

"This week, on Spelunking for Beginners, we take on the Mini-Me with our dear friend and Professional Spelunker, Mrs. Brown. She specializes in Floating.... we won't go there."

Shandi: Shandi: Shandi:
"I know why he's blue: the shoes are too tight!" (off-camera Newscaster Voice)"Today in the news there was a mass Schlitz migration, as thousands upon thousands of bottles swept through downtown Milwaukee and into the nearest lake to head to God only knows where; here you see a few of the bottles gasping in terror as one of their brethren are consumed..."

[Singing]o/`normal view, Normal View, NORMAL VIEW, NORMALLL VIEEEWWWWW.....`\o

Shandi: Shandi: Shandi:

This is how ghosts are REALLY made... or what happens when you lick too many of the middles of Oreo Cookies!

Alright, none of that horsing around - get Horse out of the hole and let's go home!

Here, you can see locals protesting the latest in yuppie icons - Starbucks - giving them the wrong kinds of drinks. "I asked for a MOCHA, not a MOHAWK!"
Shandi: Shandi: Shandi:
And Madonna remakes herself yet AGAIN, in a rather grotesque Hellraiser-esque fashion.

"So, when you had your breast implant, they added a coaster for you?""Yessm, they sure did! Much handier now!"

Now we know where Auntie Grizelda got her Hair, Makeup and Jewelry Tips from...

Shandi: Shandi: Shandi:
Um, someone needs to tell them that their sunblock isn't working... or we need to adjust the color balance in our computers!
"Hukked on Fonix werked four me!"
(Director, VO) "Mr. Smith, wrong ad... This is for Viagra - you know, 'enhance your sex life for pennies a day?'"
"*What* sex life?"
(Director, VO) *sigh* "Never mind!"
"Can I keep the pennies?"
(Director, VO) "Yes, Mr Smith, that's how we're paying you. You can go now."

What Gandalf the White and Samwise Gamgee do when they aren't chasing after a bloody-awful ring

Shandi: Shandi: Shandi:
"Help - I've fallen and I can't get up!"
911 dispatch: Are you having an emergency sir? Is it a heart attack?
"It's an emergency all right - dad's got me in a sleeper hold and won't let go!"
911: Sir, your father is a redneck - that does not meet the criteria for emergency. Don't call again!

And the whole town turned out to see the "Badger, Badger, Badger, Mushroom, Snake" Contingent pass through town for their annual parade.

He's looking for the Golden Ticket, and a chance to visit the enigmatic Col. Sanders McNugget Factory for a tour with the Colonel and his assistant, Mayor McCheese.

Shandi: Shandi: Shandi:
"Chia Head" taken to extremes here.

Wow, Gary Coleman's career has really shrunk to a new low.... It's a shame, really. I'll bet he rides tall in the saddle, though!

"It was Confucius who first coined the phrase 'with 12 you get egg roll'!"

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