That Boy Ain't Right

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When I Was A Boy, My Father Use To Tell Folks That I Had A Few Screws Loose. I Always Thought That There Had To Be A Better Way To Say That.

Once Again I asked My Internet Friends To Send Me Their Favorites. Once Again My Friends Came Through.

So Here, In No Order What-So-Ever, Are The Results Of My Little Pole...

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A few fries short of a happy meal....hell he didn't even get the toy.
He's playing with a full deck of jokers
His pilot light's out
Not firing on all cylinders
His Hard Drive Ain't Formatted
The Wheel's Spinning, But The Hamster Died
He Has A Few Bats In His Bellfry
The Lights Are On, But Nobody's Home
A Few Bricks Shy Of A Load
A Few Sandwiches Short Of A Picnic
A Walking Talking Ad For Birth Control
2 Fries Short Of A Happy Meal
1 Clown Short Of A Circus
The Motors Running But No One's Behind The Wheel
He Rides The Short Bus To School
Half A Bubble Off Plumb
Dumb As A Brick
1 Taco Short Of A Combo Platter
Somewhere A Village Needs An Idiot
An Olive Short Of A Martini
His Elevator Don't Go All The Way To The Top Floor
He's A Big Mac Missin' The Special Sauce
Couple Of Cards Short Of A Deck
Couple Slices Short Of A Loaf
Puck Short Of A Hockey Game
Few Players Short Of A League
Few Brass Balls Short Of A Pinball Machine
Few Apples Short Of a Rhubarb Pie
Slug Looking For Love At The Morton's Factory
Fine Example Of The Fallacy Of Evolution
Ain't Fishing In The Right Fishing Hole
Ain't Cut From The Finest Cloth
Worm Short Of A Tequila Bottle
Strange As A Three Dollar Bill
Strange As A Sunny Day In Seattle
Sharp As A Bowling Ball
Ain't The Sharpest Knife In The Drawer
Not The Sharpest Pencil In The Box
Musta' Been Taking A Leak When They Handed Out The Brains
Dumber Than A Bag Of Hammers
If He Had A Brain, He Would Be Dangerous
Nice To See One Of Jerry's Kids Get Work
When He Was Born His Doctor Said "Congratulations You Have A Bouncing Baby Boy", So His Folks Dribbled Him Home Like A Basket Ball
He's Lost His Marbles
A Basket Short Of A Picnic
His Landing Gear Don't Lock Into Place
Ain't Working On All Thrusters
There Goes A Huge Waste Of Space( Sperm, Food)
About As Bright As A Small Appliance Bulb

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